Temo Fregoso is a still-life photographer who describes his photography as “dashing weird things.” His plan was not to major in photography as he wanted to be an elementary education teacher, but things changed, and he eventually decided to leave everything behind to follow the dream of becoming a photographer. Temo is a graduate of the Professional Photography Program at the Isaacson School for Communication, Arts & Media (Colorado Mountain College).

As a dedicated photographer with experience in both still life and portraiture photography, he's intimately familiar with taking high-quality digital photographs. His skills include framing, selecting and setting up lighting, and determining shutter and lens options. His priority on every job is clear communication, which is essential to avoid errors and to create the best work for his clients.

His works have been featured in the Art Share Gallery at the Morgridge Commons that's operated by Colorado Mountain College, and the Wright Gallery.

Artist Statement

I use photography as a sign of self-expression. Capturing pictures helps me identify with hidden qualities of my character. I want to better understand my reality to express my understanding of the world around me. A clear understanding of myself and the world allows me to explore fragments of the real-world as an abstract form. My goal is to use my camera to open the unexplored world of color, a place of curious self-expression, but also a world of new stories.

Using Format